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Potimarron Pumpkin seeds


The common name is PotiMarron pumpkin. It is a member of the family Cucurbitaceae and genus Cucurbita. It is a variety of Cucurbita maxima Duchense ssp. The synonyms are Cucumis rapallito carrere, Cucumis zapallito Carriere, Cucurbita farina Mozz. Ex Naudin, Cucurbita maxima var. trioba Millan.

PotiMarron Pumpkin originated in South America. The name potimarron shows a combination of pumpkin and chestnut because the flesh has a rich flavour that is the same with the roasted chestnuts. It is planted in a place with fertile soils and good drainage. It produces even better yield when planted where there is well-decomposed compost. It does not tolerate frost. The seeds are planted from mid-May to June when the temperature of the soil is above 65 degrees Fahrenheit. In a place where soil moisture is low the plant is watered regularly.

PotiMarron Pumpkin has fruits which have a teardrop shape. The skin is thin and orange in colour. Have a yellow flesh with a chestnut flavour. The plant produces vines that bear fruits on them. The flowers are yellow and spear-like in shape. Has a yellow flesh which has a green tint under the seeds. Have a sweet flavour and bear green leaves. The plant has large yellow flowers that are open pollinated. It is normally pollinated by insects or humming birds. But the pollinators have been killed by intense use of pesticides in some places and therefore hand pollination is recommended. After harvesting the squash is cured by letting it stay in the sun for approximately 10 days and then storing it in a cool dark place where the humidity is low. It is harvested when the skin has hardened. The squash can be stored for several months after curing.

PotiMarron Pumpkin is good for roasting but has been cooked and baked as well. It can be used as an ingredient in a variety of soups. It is used in the baking of cakes, bread, cookies and jams. The flesh is cut into small pieces, dried in the sun and the ground so that it can be used in baking. The fruit is a source of vitamins and minerals because it has Vitamin A and C, Vitamin B, riboflavin, thiamin, calcium, potassium, and iron. It also has beta-carotene and low calories. It is, therefore, a nutritious fruit for people. The flowers produce nectar for honey bees and other pollinators. 

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