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Prunus dulcis Samen
Prunus dulcis, more commonly known as the almond, is a tree species of the family Rosaceae. The tree’s synonyms include Amygdalus amara, Amygdalus communis, and Amygdalus dulcis. Prunus dulcis is native to the section of the Mediterranean region that lies in the Middle East. This section includes parts of Syria, Pakistan, India, and Turkey. Successful naturalisation in other countries has led not only to further distribution but to mass production. Leading mass producers of almonds include The United States, Morocco, Australia, and Italy. Prunus dulcis is a deciduous plant species that grows to a height of between 4 and 10 metres and a trunk diameter of 30 cm. The plant’s twigs change in colour the longer they are exposed to sunlight. The initial green colour changes to purple and finally to grey during the second year of growth. Leaves have a toothed margin and a length of 8 to 13 cm. The flower diameter is 3 to 5 cm long and the petals can either be pale pink in colour, white or something in between. The almond fruit is a drupe with an edible seed (nut) within its shell. Most shells contain a single nut, but on rare occasions, there might have two. Except for a few individual trees in a field of the crop, Prunus dulcis produces nuts that are sweet to the taste. The remaining trees produce bitter almonds. Almonds are mainly consumed on their own or incorporated into an assortment of cuisines. One can pluck the nuts from the tree and eat them fresh or toast them. The sweet flavour of almonds can be applied to desserts when sprinkled over them. Almond oil and almond butter can be made from the nuts and used in recipes for both sweet and sour dishes. Prunus dulcis is highly sensitive to attack from a variety of pests, and one should take steps to protect it. The tree takes three years to grow before it can deliver a substantial yield.
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