Pueraria lobata (montana), viable root cutting NOT seeds!!

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Pueraria montana v. lobata  -  viable root cutting for plantation


Pueraria lobata belongs to the family of the Fabaceae. It is native to East Asia and is also known as Kudzu.
P. lobata is a perennial, herbaceous climbing plant. It can reach a height of 30 m and grows very fast so that it overgrows everything and can get a real problem in nature. The shoot is woody at the bottom. The leaves are threepart pinnate. The leaf at the end of the pinnate leaf is 7 to 15 long and 5 to 12 cm wide. The leaves at the side of the pinnate leaf are a little smaller.
The flowers are zygomorphic, hermaphrodite and reddish to violet. They occur in racemes.
The fruit is long and hairy legume. It is light green and has brownish hairs. It can get 4 to 14 cm long and 6 to 13 cm wide. The fruit includes various seeds. They are small brownish and elliptic. They get 4 mm wide and 5 mm long.
P. lobata is part of the traditional Chinese medicine. The medical effect of P. lobata was first documented 100 v. Chr.
P. lobata is used to fight alcohol abuse. It is able to reduce the desire to drink alcohol, unlike other medicaments that just fasten the degradation of alcohol. P. lobata also helps smokers to stop smoking. It includes a substance that binds to the nicotine receptor. It can also be used for depressive people. It includes precursors of serotonin and GABA. In medicine mainly the root of P. lobata is used. The root can make 40 % of the whole biomass of the plant. As it is typical for Fabaceae the roots have a symbiosis with bacteria that can fix nitrogen.
The root also includes starch; it is cooked like pasta and served in a soup. Many Japanese eat it regularly as a meal.

Viable seeds are hard to find and hard to grow! What you will get here are viable root cuttings which will easily grow after putting them in soil again

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