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Pacific Giant Pumpkin seeds


The common name is Pacific Giant Pumpkin. It belongs to the family Cucurbitaceae, genus Cucurbita and species Maxima. Its scientific name is Cucurbita maxima Duchense ssp. The subspecies are C. maxima subsp. Andreana and C. maxima subsp. Maxima. The synonyms are Cucumis rapallito carrere, Cucumis zapallito Carriere, Cucurbita farina Mozz. Ex Naudin, Cucurbita maxima var. trioba Millan.

It is believed to originate from the tropical and subtropical America and has been grown all over the world. Over time the seeds have been selected and hybrid s produced that bear very bid pumpkins. To grow a big pumpkin, one need to select good seeds with genetics and nature them carefully. It takes 125 days to mature after germination. The plant does not tolerate frost. The fruit is harvested when it is big enough and ready to enter into the competition. It requires well-drained moist soils in a place where there is full sun. Many people plant it indoors in April and move them out in Early May. The plant needs to be added manure regularly to realise the desired size.

It is an annual plant that has an almost round shape. The fruit is pale orange which has deep orange innards and orange flesh that is very thick. The fruit measure over 350pounds. The fruit has a round shape which is slightly flattened. It is an annual plant. Bear yellow flowers. They do not have the flavour and texture that the smaller pumpkins have. Have vines that grow up to a height of 25 feet long. It can be pollinated by insects; however, people hand-pollinate them as early as possible so that they may have enough time to grow and attain the desired size. The plant has male and female flowers on the same plant.

Pacific Giant Pumpkin is normally grown for exhibitions because they can attain very large sizes and big weight. The farmers have won various prices for growing the biggest and the heaviest pumpkins in the world. They can also be used for ornamental purposes because they have a shape that is almost like a balloon. Just like other smaller pumpkins, they can be eaten as food. It is good for human health since it has Vitamin A, magnesium, beta-carotene and some of the antioxidants. They can be cooked baked or roasted the same way the smaller pumpkins are prepared. They can also be used to make animal feeds because they have good nutritional value.

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