seeds of Quercus macrocarpa, Bur Oak

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Quercus macrocarpa

The seeds we are selling here are normal size. Q. macrocarpa does not always produce the big fruits it is famous for. Depending on the region they are from, sizes vary a lot. You can read more about that in this scientific journal here


Quercus macrocarpa, commonly known as the bur oak, is an oak species of the family Fagaceae. The plant’s synonyms include Quercus macrocarpus, Cerris Macrocarpa and Cerris oliviformis. Other common names for the tree are mossycup white oak and mossycup oak. Quercus macrocarpa is originally from the North-eastern and Northcentral parts of the United States. The tree is also native to the Eastern and Central parts of Canada. Quercus macrocarpa is a slow-growing tree species that grows to a height of 30 metres. Reaching the maximum height takes a long time given the tree grows at a pace of 30 cm a year. There’s plenty of time for growth though, given the trees have lifespans that stretch for up to 400 years. Quercus macrocarpa is an enormous tree. The tree’s trunk diameter can expand to a length of up to 3 metres. The leaves, on the other hand, are long, have a lobed margin and a shape that generally varies. Flowers exist as catkins which have a length of 2.5 cm and have a yellowish-green colour. While Quercus macrocarpa may be a slow-growing plant, it is one of the fastest-growing oaks. Another distinguishing trait is the tree’s capability of coping with the effects of pollutants found in towns and cities. Thus, these two attributes end up making it one of the most ideal ornamental plants to cultivate in urban areas. Cities that have embraced its ornamental value include Alaska and Anchorage. Except for susceptibility to several pests and diseases, Quercus macrocarpa isn’t a demanding plant. Quercus macrocarpa is not a common sight in heavily forested areas with thick canopies. The tree instead prefers open spaces or areas of the forest where the canopy has started thinning out. Quercus macrocarpa is also capable of withstanding arid conditions due to its long and formidable taproot.

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