Ricinus communis seeds

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keimfähiges Seeds of Ricinus communis


A castor oil plant usually grows to a height of about 40 feet when fully matured. Its glistening leaves measure about 9 inches in average length. The color of the leaves varies, sometimes fully green from young to maturity, and other times shifting from purple, brown then eventually green. This depends on the variety of castor oil. The appearance of the stems are similar too in having different coloration from variety to variety. Even the color of the seed pods vary. The castor oil plant bears flowers of two types. Female flowers are differentiated from male flowers due to the location where they can be found. The other difference is that male flowers are associated with stamens while females are associated with petals. The fruit might be the most interesting aspect of castor oil. It is prickly but not sharp enough to hurt. Green in color it can actually hurt because it is incredibly poisonous.

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