seeds of Salvia horminum, Annual Clary, Annual Sage

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Salvia horminum Samen
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Salvia horminum, also known as the annual clary or annual sage, is a plant species of the family Lamiaceae. The plant’s synonym is Salvia viridis. Salvia horminum has its origins in the stretch of land of extending from the Mediterranean region all the way to Crimea and Iran. Successful naturalisation has led to the plant’s distribution in Europe, North Africa, and the Far East. Salvia horminum grows quickly to a maximum height of 0.61 m and flowers after a month. The flowers are cream-coloured, two-lipped and lie behind bracts which might be either rose or purple. The plant has clumps of multiple branches which extend to give the plant width of 30 cm. The bright flowers and bracts attract bees, butterflies and humming birds which are largely responsible for pollination. Salvia horminum is instrumental in the production of alcoholic drinks. The leaves and the seeds can be a useful addition during the fermentation process as they make the drink more potent. The plant’s beautiful features also make it the consummate ornamental plant. The plant can, therefore, be relied upon to improve the aesthetic aspects of parks and gardens. The plant’s flowers are of the long-lasting variety and can, therefore, be cut and preserved easily. A common belief holds that Salvia horminum is a honey producer. The plant’s leaves have been relied upon to make snuff and well as to provide a remedy that relieves sore gums. Salvia horminum prospers in areas that experience sunlight for long spells of time. The soils should ideally be fertile, well drained and have moderate amounts of moisture. The soil’s pH should neither be too basic nor too acidic. In addition to being easy to grow, Salvia horminum is also resistant to most pests and diseases. The plant takes between 75 and 85 days to grow and reach maturity.
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