seeds of Satureja montana, Winter Savoury

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Satureja montana, also known as winter savoury, is a plant species of the family Lamiaceae. The plant’s synonyms include Clinopodium montanum, Micromoria montana and Micromeria pygmaea. Another common name for the plant is mountain savoury. The origins of the plant lie in temperate climes of Africa, the Mediterranean and Europe. Satureja montana can grow to a height of 10 to 40 cm at maturity. The plant’s leaves are oppositely arranged, dark green, needle-like, rubbery and have a length of 1 to 2 cm and a width of 5 mm. The flowers, on the other hand, are white, pink or pale lavender. The flowers have both male and female organs and count on insects for their pollination. Satureja montana has edible leaves which have a peppery flavour. One can either eat the leaves raw or use them either as a salad garnish or to flavour various cooked dishes. One also has the option to use the leaves dried or fresh. Leaves can also be used to make tea. Satureja montana is relied upon in a number of communities around the world as a source of traditional medicine. Such remedies are believed to have expectorant, stomachic, carminative and antiseptic qualities which are the source of their potency. The medicines are used in the treatment of flatulence, menstrual disorders, diarrhoea, cystitis, colic and bronchial congestion. Other conditions include arthritis, sore throat, nausea and gastro-enteritis. Satureja montana contains an essential oil in its leaves. This oil is regularly used in the manufacture of lotions meant to combat hair loss and baldness. The plant also repels many insects. Such a quality can prove useful when Satureja montana is planted amongst other crops. Doing so serves to deter all crop pests that find the plant repulsive. The plant serves as a useful companion for beans and onions. The plant matures 70 days after planting.
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