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Yellow Peter Pepper Chilli seeds


Yellow Peter Pepper (Capsicum annum var. annum), also called the Chilly Willy, is the most recognisable member of the Capsicum annum species. The reason for its conspicuousness lies in its unusual shape which has a strong resemblance to a phallus. While its origin remains unknown, Yellow Peter Pepper is grown in many parts of Mexico, South Korea as well as the United States, e.g. In Texas and Louisiana. The pods are long (4-6 inches) and conical with a bulge on one end. Unripe pods have a green colour that changes to yellow when the pepper ripens. Yellow Peter Pepper is mild in both taste and flavour when compared to its red counterpart. One can expect a fruity flavour that is accompanied by a mellow spicy kick which ranges from 5000 to 23,000 Scoville heat units. Yellow Peter Pepper can be dried and ground to make a powder that can be used to spice an assortment of snacks and fruits. Once diced, the pepper can also be used in the making of dressings and marinades. Moreover, there’s always the option to use the pepper to make salsas, soups and sauces. The plant takes over a hundred days to reach maturation during which fertile soils and sunshine will be instrumental in guaranteeing a good yield.


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