Tacca chantrieri, Bat-Flower

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Tacca chantrieri
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Bat flower, Tacca chantrieri

TheTacca chantrieri distinguished by their dark-purple blooms and their beard, which looks like a bat if it is just on the prowl. For this reason, the plant has its name suggests: bat flower. It is found in open forests and picturesque valleys in tropical to subtropical areas before and is a wayward flowers beauty for thousands of years. Every hobby gardener strives happy after a successful cultivation and care. But it does not succeed just like that. There must be the willingness of plant care.... and here begins the first step for the bat flowers rearing.

Full details:

native to subtropical and tropical
Name: Bat Flower (botanical name: Tacca chantrieri)
Flowering time: 3 to 4 months in the summer months
Characteristic: dark red berries (diameter: 3 cm), green leaves (50 cm long and 20 cm wide), purple flowers with a beard length (40 cm)
flowering plant growing perennial, reaching a height of 110 cm
Tacca chantrieri is not hardy; with rhizomes as a wintering organ
Plant Family: Dioscoreaceae (Dioscorea)
Other names: bat plant, flower devil and demons bloom


The planting of the bat flower is usually by seed sowing. There is no time restriction on when the Tacca must into the earth. In the winter time because hardly obtained gardening, here lends itself to the cultivation. For planting high temperatures with high humidity imperative. But there are other alternatives:

a) potting soil, moisten and sprinkle the seeds on it
b) culturing vessel filled with coconut fiber, seed compost or peat-sand
c) the seeds of Tacca are so-called light to germinate and only need a thin layer of soil
d) brighter place, not in full sun at a constant 25 degrees limit
e) rearing in the pots reaches a transparent plastic sheet for the winter
f) up to 6 weeks spray the substrate and seeds
g) ventilate every three days

When the cotyledons arising from the seeds slide out, the owner knows that the desired germination begins. Now patience is called for until the first seedlings emerge. Of particular importance are the heats of 25 degrees, the constant humidity as well as multiple spraying. Gradually, the first true leaves of the seedlings. After the culture vessel is too small for the rearing of the bat flower, it's time to transplant. This means that the Tacca must be repotted with the nutrient-rich ingredients. A garden compost layer at the bottom of the vessel encourages the bat flower to grow. Once the pot is fully protected by roots, a new bucket is needed, which is filled with simple flower earth or with special substrate.

The Tacca is not a normal houseplant. She feels in Central Europe are not really at home as they prefer climatic environment with a relative humidity of 80 percent, a heat of up to 25 degrees and bright light conditions. The gardeners like to opt for the bat as a flower planting of trees or tall ferns. The spectacular bat flower is happy with a heated, light-filled conservatory, a warm and humid greenhouse or an air-conditioned enclosure. But also a showcase plants has proven successful.

Watering and fertilizing:

From May to September, the Tacca has their growing season. During this time she has a lot of thirst, but should not be drowned. She must

a) be maintained consistently moist
b) the root must not dry out
c add) irrigation water in the crown area
d) leaf axils wet to win new shoots
e) every three weeks supply the flower with fertilizer

The bat flower does not tolerate temperatures below 5 degrees. An amateur gardener always has the choice on which way the Tacca to hibernate:

a) All plant parts that are located on the upper portion cut off,
Store b) Together with the rhizome at 5 to 15 degrees
c) root zone must not dry
d) For new shoots may be poured and placed in a warmer place more

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