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Tacca chantrieri white Batflower


Tacca chantieri white is an unusual plant due to its black flowers. The plant is also referred to as Devil flower, Bat flower, Cat whiskers or Black bat flower. It known by synonyms such as Tacca roxburghii, Tacca macrantha and Tacca wilsonii. Tacca chantrieri is a species of the flowering plants of yam family of Dioscoreaceae and Tacca genus. The original habitat of the plant can be traced back to tropical regions of South East Asia including Malaysia, South China and Thailand.

Bat flower is a unique plant with flowers resembling bat having long cat whiskers. The stems are long, erect with broad shiny, green and white leaves that grow to about 40 cm long. The flowers are bat shaped around 12 inches across. After flowering, the fruits are produced and in most cases, they are cultivated in gardens at altitudes of 200-1300m.

Taaca chantrieri can be useful in various ways, for instance, the species has played a big role in Chinese traditional herbs as a remedy to a number of health-related problems. The plant is also believed to contain some good inflammatory properties which result from its steroidal components from its roots. The tuberous roots can also be used in treating burns, stomach-aches, gastric ulcers as well as incised wounds. Furthermore, the plant has been used in treating hypertension as the studies show that its extracts are has cardiovascular attributes like vaso-relaxants.

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