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Tectona grandis seeds


Tectona grandis is a tropical woody plant reffered by common names such as Teak, Indian oak and Jati. The plant synonyms include Jutus grandis, Tectona theca, Theka grandis and Jastus grandis. Teak is a tree species of the flowering plant of Lamiaceae family and Tectona genus. The origin of this remarkable Tectona gradis is traced back to south and south East Asia mainly in Indonesia, Sri Lanka, India, Thailand and Bangladesh. It has then been widely distributed to other parts of the world such as Africa and Caribbean.

Tectona grandis is a giant flowering plant growing up to 40m tall with brown or greyish branches. It has wood of a fine quality and the leaves are large, simple, ovate elliptic to ovate 15-45 cm long and 8-20 cm wide. The lower surface of the leaf is numerously covered with red glandular dots and its upper surface is globous when mature. The leaves alternate at opposite each other. The flowers are small, white or pinkish in color with fused petals which form a corolla of approximately 1-2 cm in diameter. They occur at the tip of the stems in a heavily branching fragrant cluster of flowers. They reproduce through bee pollination. The fruits follow, drupe and consist of four seeds, pale yellow in color and are hairy. The plant seeds are white with an oval shape.

Tectona grandis has both edible and medicinal uses. For example, the plant leaves can be mixed with water and unripe jackfruit is boiled before to make Javanese dish. The wood is boiled to produce a red dye which is used to colour Easter Eggs. The plant leaves are used to host Rhizopus spores in Tempeh manufacture. A wood tar paste is manufactured from powdered wood by pouring into hot water which is useful in promoting digestion and relieving headaches as well eruptions of the skin, inflammations.

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