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Black Pear Tomato seeds


The Black Pear (Solanum lycopersicum) is a unique tomato variety that’s originally from Siberia. Synonyms include Lycopersicon cerasiforme and Lycopersicon humboldtii. While initially unknown beyond the borders of Siberia, the seeds were eventually transported to Russia. Once Black Pear was cultivated in Russia, it was only a matter of time before it was distributed throughout the former USSR. Ripe fruit has a mahogany brown colouring that’s uniform on the entire surface of the fruit except on the green shoulders. The Black Pear was named so due it is a close resemblance to the shape of an actual pear.

Mature fruit has a diameter that ranges from 7cm to 12 cm and can weigh up to 220 grams. Black Pear has a sweet flavour that is both complex and rich. The fruit can be diced and used to make salsa, soups and sauces. The diced tomatoes can also be eaten raw by themselves or added to sandwiches. Black pear pairs well with a variety of cheeses and herbs and can be incorporated in any dish containing the two ingredients. The plant requires minimal to zero frost and long hours of sunshine in order to deliver high yields. The same can be said for well drained soils with minimal acidity. It will take 75 days after transplantation for the Black Pear tomato plant to mature. 


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