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Green Zebra Tomato seeds


Green Zebra tomato is a cultivar of Lycopersicon esculentum (also called Solanum lycopersicum). This cultivar has its origins in Everett, Washington USA, where it was bred by a man called Tom Wagner in 1983. It wasn’t long before Green Zebra became a popular tomato for farmers within the United States and without. This cultivar is currently mostly grown in California in the USA as well as many places in Mexico. The fruit has plenty of pale-green stripes on a bright green surface.

Once the fruit matures, the pale-green stripes adopt a yellow colour. Green Zebra is globe shaped and small in size with mature fruit growing to a diameter of 2 inches. The fruit is juicy, meaty and has a smooth exterior. The flavour of the mature fruit is a good balance between sweetness and tart. Young tomatoes, on the other hand, have a mostly astringent taste with little to no sweetness. The fruit can be stuffed, sliced four ways and used in salads or added to a kebab for skewering. The tomatoes’ size and resilience also ensure that multiple cooking methods can be used, e.g. slow roasting, frying, sautéing et al. It takes no less than 75 days from transplantation for the plant to reach maturity. 


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