seeds of Mr. Stripey Heirloom Tomato seeds

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Mr. Stripey is an heirloom tomato of the species Lycopersicon esculentum (also called Solanum lycopersicum). This heirloom has its origins in England where it was initially cultivated before the seeds were spread to various parts of Europe and the Americas. Modern-day production is at its highest in Mexico and the United States. Mr. Stripey’s tomatoes have a skin that has both yellow and red stripes of colour. The same mix of colour also extends to the interior of the fruit. The fruit also has a number of traits that qualify them to be sufficiently Beefsteak. Such traits include having large oblong-shaped fruit, being thin-skinned and having no acidity. Mr. Stripey has a sweet and mild flavour. The advantage of the mildness is that it allows the plant to pair well with other foods e.g. salads and pastas easily. Ripe tomatoes can also be used to make excellent salsas and sauces. Unripe tomatoes can also be used in the preparation of appetizers. The tomato plant might have to be staked given the weight of the tomatoes might overwhelm the plant. The fruit grows in clusters and can deliver a favourable yield if weather and soil conditions are perfect. Maturation of the plant takes over 80 days.
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