Wercklea ferox (Hibiscus ferox) Samen

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Wercklea ferox (Hibiscus ferox) seeds



Wercklea ferox is an appealing shrub that is rare in nature and belongs to the Malvaceae family. It has common names such as Spiny Hibiscus and prickly umbrella. Its synonyms are Hibiscus trichomathusa and Hibiscus ferox. Spiny Hibiscus originates from the Costa Rica family. The plant grows in moist areas and can grow to a height of 4.5 m. Warm temperatures should be provided for the plant during the cold seasons as they cannot bear too much cold and drought.


Spiny Hibiscus has huge fluffy leaves that have red veins and are ever green. The leaves can grow to a length of 24 inches wide. The lower part of the leaves and the stem of the plant shows more red colour compared to the upper part of the leaves. The leaves of this plant are thorny and this protects it from wild animals’ damage. Wercklea ferox forms stunning red buds that turn to yellow as it grows and pops up. The buds are always hidden under the leaves for protection as they grow into yellow flowers but can be seen during the warm seasons. Spiny Hibiscus has general beauty to stare at, but one needs to be careful while handling it.


Wercklea ferox has both the male and female organs. The pollination is by the insects that are attracted by the nectar and the beauty of the plant’s flower.


The gardeners so treasure spiny Hibiscus though its uses are not known. The plant has been reported in some cases to be edible in its younger stage when it is still young and tender with no thorns. Though, because of its beauty, the plant can be used as a home flower. The flower can be pruned often to ensure it suits this use. The seed of this plant only germinates on a wet soaked towel and this shows that it is an indoor plant. Some gardeners also use the plant to make a captivating central point in their garden. Most people who own the plants value the unusual items since Wercklea ferox is a rare plant.


The plant is dangerous because of its thorns and should be handled with care. Also, the plant needs a lone space to grow. The plant bores seeds and this is how it is disseminated from one place to the other. The plant regrows quickly and one should not be afraid of pruning when it is overgrowing. Its cultivation requires a high level of management because it is affected by several factors. 


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