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Horst Bauer

Johannes-Kepler-Str. 4
75378 Bad Liebenzell

Phone: +491726163607
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Special seeds for special needs


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Asklepios-seeds was founded by Steffen Bauer back in 2012. What has started as a small Onlineshop specialized in medicinal plants seeds while studying biological Science at the University of Constance, has rapidly developed to a family run business selling seeds to customers from all around the world. Our carefully developed network to a variety of breeders, collectors, botanical gardens, nurseries and other industry related companies spread across 25 different countries is giving us access to an enormous range of all different kinds of species including very rare and special things. This is actually what has helped us to develop from a small sideline-job selling retail quantities to a company sourcing importing and exporting several hundret Kilos and even up to several tons of seeds each month to hobby-garden customers, institutions, Pharmaceutical companies, Nurseries and variety of other retail as well as wholesale seed vendors and related companies.