seeds of Muhlenbergia microsperma, littleseed muhly

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Muhlenbergia microsperma, also called littleseed muhly, is grass species of the family Poaceae. The plant synonyms include Agrostis microcarpa, Agrostis microsperma, and Agrostis setosa. The plant has its origins in the Americas more specifically in the Central South American countries of Venezuela and Peru and the South Western region of the USA. The plant’s present distribution is mainly concentrated in the Americas. Muhlenbergia microsperma can achieve a height of 60 to 80 cm. The multiple thin branches which support the spikelets make up the plant’s inflorescence. The spikelets have awns which have a length of 3 cm thereabout. Each spikelet is ensconced within a tight sheath and tends to remain within the sheath in case it doesn’t bloom. The primary value of Muhlenbergia microsperma lies in it being a range grass that mostly grows in arid and semi-arid areas. The most important use of the plant lies in it being a source of forage for livestock being reared in the grassland regions. The fact that the plant is capable of surviving on poor soils and tolerating dry months makes it a reliable source of food. The grass can also serve as sufficient fodder for animals whose diet is in dire need of supplementation. Grasses belonging to Muhlenbergia microsperma that grow in areas with good soils provide livestock with plenty of forage which guarantees the meat will have a high protein density. Grasslands that constitute Muhlenbergia microsperma also have an aesthetic benefit. The wide open space accorded by such grasslands are excellent hangout spots for families and people in need of relaxation. These lands also provide a habitat for many species of animals. Most of the natural parks and game reserves of the world are made up of grasslands. The roots of Muhlenbergia microsperma are extensive and can thus, keep the soil together which minimises the effects of erosion.
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