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Citrus junos

Citrus junos Seeds Yuzu Lemon

Citrus junos from the Rutaceae family is a small tree which produces golden yellow coloured fruits resembling small oranges or tangerines. It is famously known as Yuzu.

Citrus junos physically resembles the bitter orange tree (Citrus aurantium ssp amara) and it reaches a height of approximately 4 meters. The tree's growth habit is upright, spreading and moderately vigorous, and there is a presence of 5 millimetres thorns in each leaf axil. It has a densely, rounded foliage with oval shaped leaves that are smooth and deep green in colour. The edge of the leaves is found to be entire or slightly crenulate. In early autumn, the tree blooms white flowers.

Later in autumn, the small fruits will ripen from a dark green colour to a golden yellow one, which will resemble oranges that measures up to about 7 centimetres in diameter. The peel of the fruit is less smooth than that of an orange, often having a more pitted appearance and having bumpy feeling in texture. The seeds are plump and large, and it is said that each fruit could have an average of 28 seeds per fruit.

Citrus junos is most commonly used for cooking because of its rind that is very fragrant. It is used for enhancing flavours in many dishes such as soups, candies, and medicinal teas. There are also some studies suggesting the use of the essential oil of the Yuzu rind in cosmetics and aromatherapy.


The optimal temperature for citrus cultivation is between 25-30 degrees Celsius. The tree prefers a deep, well-drained but moisture-retentive loam soil out in full sun. It also prefers the pH range of 5-6 and cannot withstand long, dry periods.

The seeds are best sown in containers as soon as it is ripe. Seedlings are liable to damp off so they must be watered carefully and be kept well ventilated. Germination will usually take place within 2-3 weeks at 13 degrees Celsius.

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