seeds of Muhlenbergia rigens, Deergrass

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Muhlenbergia rigens Samen
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Muhlenbergia rigens, also called deergrass, is a plant species that belongs to the family Poaceae. The plant’s synonyms include Crypsinna rigens, Epicampes leptoura, and Muhlenbergia leptoura. The grass has its origins in Mexico and the Southwestern region of the United States. The plant’s distribution is to be found in various ecotypes including riparian, oak woodland, grassland, mixed conifer, and chaparral. Muhlenbergia rigens is made up of numerous narrow sharp leaves that come together to form a dense tufted mass. Each of these leaves has a length of 91 cm while the stems are no more than 122 cm. The foliage undergoes a colour change over time from silver-green to purple. The blooming season results in massive flowering on the panicles. Muhlenbergia rigens is a good source of forage for various types of livestock as well as for animals in conservancies. The grass is also a good source of fodder for animals and serves as an ideal supplement for their diet. Muhlenbergia rigens progressively gets more inedible the older it gets which lowers the interest deer have in it. This attribute makes the grass very effective for gardens given one can be sure Deer won’t stick around for long once they taste it. The plant has a widespread spread root system which holds the soil together thus reducing erosion. The root system also aids steambank stabilisation efforts. Muhlenbergia rigens is regularly introduced to various grassland systems to displace annual invasive species. In addition to the restoration of ecosystems, deergrass is also used to fix over-eroded and overtilled land by restoring organic material in it. Moreover, studies indicate that deergrass could act as an effective biofilter hence removing pesticides and herbicides. An effective method of cultivating Muhlenbergia rigens is through first growing it in containers before transferring it to the field later on. Once established, the grass will grow on its own with little supervision.
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