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Digitalis purpurea, also called lady’s glove, is flowering plant species of the family Plantaginaceae. Synonyms include Digitalis speciosa, Digitalis cambelliana, and Digitalis alba. Other common names for the plant include purple foxglove, common foxglove or simply foxglove. The plant has its origins and most of its distribution in most of temperate Europe. Digitalis purpurea has hairy, spirally shaped leaves that have a length of 10 to 35 cm. The plant features a lush leaf rosette during its first year of growth. Flowers are typically purple, tubular, drooping and grow in clusters. The flowers can also occasionally spot pink, white yellow, and rose colours. Each flower has plenty of spots in its interior and relies mostly on bees for most of its pollination. The plant reaches a height of 1 to 2 metres by the time its 2 years old. The leaves and flowers contain a steroid called Digoxigenin which serves as a useful molecular probe in the detection of DNA and RNA. The glycosides present in the plant are a critical ingredient in the manufacture of heart medicine. The need for this substance drives a huge chunk of the plant’s cultivation. The plant is also a well-known source of herbal medicine whose effects are purportedly tonic, stimulating, homeopathic and diuretic. Many believe that the plant’s extracts can treat heart disease and dropsy. Digitalis purpurea is not only an effective preservative of cut flowers, but also a rich source of dye. The flowers are the source of this green dye. Digitalis purpurea also has notable ornamental qualities that make it useful in landscaping. The plant’s beautiful rosette and flowers make it a conspicuous attraction in parks and gardens. The plant can grow in loamy, sandy and chalky soils that are both well-drained and moist. The pH of the soils should be neutral, slightly acidic or slightly alkaline. The plant’s flowers bloom in the second year of its growth.
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