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Hypericum monogynum is a plant species that belongs to the genus Hypericum and the family Hypericaceae. The plant’s synonyms include Ascyrum monogynum, Brathydium aereum, and Hypericum amoenum. A common name for the plant is St. John’s wort. Hypericum monogynum is indigenous to China and mostly grows in the Jiangxi, Sichuan and Hubei provinces. The plant is also native to Japan. Hypericum monogynum is an evergreen plant capable of growing to a height of 80 cm. The plant may have some hardiness, but it is limited to zone (UK) 9. The plant also produces both male and female flowers. The plant’s eye-catching flowers have yellow petals, projecting stamens and a width of 6 cm. The leaves, on the other hand, are paired and narrow. The flowers bear capsule-like fruits that resemble berries on occasion. The plant mostly grows in thickets, gorges, woodland shade, and mountain slopes. The various habitats range in altitude from 200 to 1500 metres above sea level. Hypericum monogynum has been a reliable source of herbal medicine since time immemorial. The remedies drawn from the plant allegedly have astringent, alterative and antidote properties which enable them to restore wellness. The remedies are often used in the treatment of miasmatic diseases. The plant grows well in moist, well-drained soils that have agreeable pH. The pH conducive for the healthy growth of the plant should neither be overly alkaline nor overly acidic. Neutral soils would also be ideal. Hypericum monogynum is capable of growing in the shade but flourishes under direct sunlight. An advantage of cultivating the plant is that it tends to be both pest and disease free which makes it less of a hassle to manage. One can propagate the plant through semi-hardwood cuttings which then develop into mature plants that are grown as annuals or perennials. The plant takes between 2 and 5 years to grow to its maximum height.
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