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Mucuna sempervirens Samen
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Mucuna sempervirens is a plant species of the genus Mucuna and the family Leguminosae. The plant’s synonyms include Mucuna japonica, Mucuna mairei and Stizolobium sempervirens. Common names for the plant include velvet bean, samtbohne and sea bean. The plant has its origins in China and Japan. Mucuna sempervirens is a woody vine that can grow to a height of 25 metres. Mature stems can have stem diameters of up to 30 cm. The vine’s leaves are composed of multiple leaflets and have a length of 20 to 40 cm. The leaflets have varying textures varying from smooth, thick-textured to hairy. The leaflets are also ovate, slightly curved and have a length of 8 to 15 cm and a width of 3 to 5 cm. The plant’s flowers are large and purple. Mucuna sempervirens, like many species within its genus, is grown as an ornamental plant. The plant’s bright purple flowers and lush compound leaves make for an attractive sight. The plant is, therefore, the ideal plant to grow in front yards, trellises, fences, gardens and front yards given it adds colour and beauty to its immediate surroundings. Additional use of the plant is as a fence cover. Allowing the plant to use a fence as support has the consequence of making the plant spread evenly across the fence which has the benefit of providing a cover. Therefore, not only do you get to enjoy the ornamental effect, but you also get to have some privacy. Mucuna sempervirens mostly grows in thickets, forests and riversides that reside at altitudes of 300 to 3000 metres. The plant is capable of growing in a wide variety of soil types as long as a few conditions are met. The soils should be well-drained, fertile and have sufficient moisture levels. The soils should also have a conducive pH.
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