seeds of Pinus koraiensis Korean Pine

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Pinus koraiensis
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Pinus koraiensis, which also goes by the name Korean pine, is a tree species of the family Pinaceae. The plant’s synonyms include Apinus koraiensis, Pinus mandschurica, and Pinus prokoraiensis. Another common name for the tree is Chinese pinenut. The tree is indigenous to large swaths of Eastern Asia. The countries and locations that fall inside the tree’s native range include Mongolia, Korea, Far Eastern Russia, and North Eastern China. Pinus koraiensis can achieve a height of 30 metres in its native habitat and add up to 20 metres when cultivated in optimal conditions. The tree bark is either brown or grey and regularly gets flaky before falling. A phenomenon which exposes the red bark within. The needles occur in clusters of five with each having a length of 11 cm. The needles over time bear brown-coloured cones 15 cm long. The tree’s nuts are edible and are sold commercially due to their popularity. The largest markets for pine nuts are in the United States and Europe. The oil drawn from the nuts contains pinolenic acid which is the primary ingredient in the making of soap and lubricants. The tree is also a rich source of turpentine which is used in the manufacture of paints. Pinus koraiensis is a much-valued ornamental tree in many countries within and outside its native range. One can expect to find the tree growing in parks and gardens. Moreover, the tree can easily tolerate urban environments. Many cities have, therefore, used the tree to line city streets. Additional evidence for the tree’s hardiness lies in its ability to withstand cold temperatures. The tree is also the source of a versatile wood-type which has multiple uses. Some of these uses include the making of boats, furniture, musical instruments, flooring, and bridges. Paper-pulp companies can easily reduce the tree’s wood into pulp for use in manufacturing paper.
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