Gold Nugget Pumpkin seeds

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Gold Nugget Pumpkin seeds


It is referred by common names such as oriental Pumpkin and Gold Nugget Pumpkin. It belongs to the family Cucurbitaceae and genus Cucurbita and species Maxima. The subspecies are C. maxima subsp. Andreana and C. maxima subsp. Maxima. The synonyms are Cucumis rapallito carrere, Cucumis zapallito Carriere, Cucurbita farina Mozz. Ex Naudin, Cucurbita maxima var. trioba Millan.

It was developed at the North Dakota Agricultural Experiment Station in Fargo by Dr Holland in North Dakota. Dr Holland developed it when trying to find a crop that would be used as a substitute for sweet potatoes and could flourish in a very short season. It is a popular home garden squash that is adapted to many places. It provides a good yield as compared to other squash. It takes two months to mature.

It has a small to medium size that measure 2 pounds in weight and d up to 10 cm in diameter. The fruit has an oval shape. The colour of the rind is orange and the surface is smooth with vertical ridges. The stem measure 5 to 7 cm. The stem has a light brown colour and is usually left after the harvest so that the squash can be stored for long. The colour of the stem is light brown. The fruit has a thick flesh inside which is bright orange. Has a cavity which has some pulp and flat seeds that are cream in colour. When cooked, it has a sweet flavour and a starchy texture. It can be stored in a dark, cold room for several months.

Gold Nugget pumpkin has both nutritional value and environmental value to human beings. It is a source of food, especially in the winter because of its long period of storage. It can be roasted because it has a dry and sweet flesh. It can also be cooked or baked. The outer skin should be removed before eating the pumpkin. It can be used to make soups or stew. It can also be added to salads and chili. It can be used as a substitute in recipes of pumpkin and sweet potatoes. Gold nugget pumpkin has vitamin A and C, beta-carotene, potassium, iron, fibre and niacin hence good for human health. The skin is not edible therefore it needs to be removed. It also provides nectar for honey bees and other insects that depend on nectar. 

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