Golden Bantam Heirloom Maize seeds, Zea Mays

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Golden Bantam Heirloom Maize Corn seeds


Corn golden bantam is one of the corn varieties of plants that keep sweet flavor after harvest. The plant is also known as Zea Mays, sweet corn, sugar corn and pole corn. The plant is a species of corn in the family of Poaceae and was originally naturalized by Mesoamerican in United States, Mexico and Costa Rica.

The Corn Golden bantam usually takes a relatively shorter time to be harvested; about 85 days and can grow up to 5-6 foot high. The stalks produce about 5 to 7-inch ears and it freezes well on its central woody part. This species is one of the fastest growing yellow varieties and it yields an abundance of delicious sweet corn. Since the plant is a monocot there is always an even number of rows of seeds. Tightly rough leaves cover its ears and are known as the husk and flowers with no stamens but only pistils emerge through the husk.

Corn Golden bantam is a useful edible plant in various parts of the world. Unlike other varieties of corn this species is picked when immature at milk stage to be eaten as a vegetable instead of the grain. In most parts of Latin America, the plant was traditionally eaten with beans and it forms a protein complete meal. In Brazil the corns are cut off from the cobs to mix with peas. In Indonesia the corns were ground or soaked with milk which leads to the formation of the B vitamin niacin in the corn. The plant can also make the soup known as the sweet corn soup. The softer parts can be steamed or boiled and can be used as salads or pizza toping.

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