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Carrot seeds Jaune du Doubs, lobbericher



Jaune du doubs carrot well known as Daucus carota ‘lobbericher’ is a variety species of daucus carota from a family of Apiaceae. Synonym of the plant is Daucus carota ‘lobbericher. The name French variety’s come as a result of its pure yellow colour of the external parts (Jaune) alternatively from a region in eastern France. Though its origin is not clear, it is said to come from France. Past research shows to have been used as a stock carrot for livestock in France.


Carrot loobericher is a long, cylindrical, salient unusual carrot variety species with golden yellow roots. Due to its high preference by the chef and gardeners, it has grown popular in modern parts of France and across the globe. Roots are bright yellow 8 to 10 inches with a shape resembling that of a cone.


Ideal sowing spacing is 25-30cm in a row. Average ideal temperature goes up to 20c during germination. Germination of the seed takes approximately 10 to 20 days during suitable conditions. Recommendation for sowing occurs between March to April and on a natural environment. Carrot lobbericher maintains its original colour when briefly cooked. This variety can withstand some harsh weather conditions; however, frost may be a major concern since it can freeze the plant to store.


Carrots contain vitamins A, B1, B2, B 11 and C. It is also enriched with calcium, minerals sodium, iron, copper and zinc.


Seeds need to be sown outdoor 3 weeks to 4 weeks anticipating the frost. The appropriate coverage of the plant is recommended to keep the soil warm and moist. Carrots take long to germinate and moist soil is needed to speed up the process.


D. Carota is believed to be century old and if not millennia old. Currently, the plant is widely grown purposely for horse feeds.


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