seeds of Akebia trifoliata (Clematis trifoliata)

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Akebia trifoliata Samen
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Akebia trifoliata also called Clematis trifoliota. A lobata is a climber that belongs to the family Lardizabalaceae. Indigenous to China. Japan and Korea, this climber is further split into three subspecies. These subspecies include Akebia trifoliata subsp. australis, Akebia trifoliata subsp. trifoliata and Akebia trifoliata subsp. longisepala. Akebia trifoliata can grow to a length of 9 m. The plants are both male and female flowers on each plant and can grow in a variety of soil types. Examples of such soil types include medium loamy, light sandy and heavy clay soils that have good drainage. It takes between 2 and 3 years for the plant to develop thick foliage. Come early spring; the plant will bloom flowers that are reddish-brown and grow in clusters. The male flowers tend to be smaller than the female ones and grow on the stem with the female flowers right beneath them. Flowers are usually cup-shaped with a trio of wide petals that will be either be mauve, purple or rose. Come fall, lavender coloured fruits is borne. Akebia trifoliata has had a big role to play over the centuries in the medicinal practices of both Japan and China. The plant is recognised for its attributes as an antifungal, analgesic, diuretic and anti-inflammatory agent. The stems of the plant are a favourite for many people who make baskets given they provide quality material. The fruit of the plant has a sweet taste and a soft texture. Akebia trifoliata grows well either in the dappled or full sunshine. While the plant doesn’t place many demands with regard to soil conditions, high levels of moisture is a must. One should also expect high levels of growth and a marked shyness when it comes to flowering. It also counts as a plus if the soils are fertile and well drained.
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