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Pistacia vera Samen
Pistacia vera is a plant species of the genus Pistacia and the family Anacardiaceae. Then plant, commonly called pistachio, has its origins in The Middle East and central region in Asia. The similarity between Pistacia vera and other species within its genus that share the name pistachio can be easily confusing. Nevertheless, one can distinguish one species from another by observing the differences in locations and the appearance of the seeds. Pistacia vera has both male and female trees which can grow to a height of 10 metres. Leaves are pinnate and can grow to a length of 10 to 20 cm. The fruit has a tough cream-coloured exterior that has an elongated edible seed inside it. The seed, on the other hand, is light purple and has a layer of green flesh around it. One can consume the plant’s seeds in several ways, the simplest being eating them fresh. One can also roast the kernels and salt them afterwards to improve the taste. The seeds are the primary ingredient in the making of Pistachio butter, Pistachio ice cream, Kulfi, and Spumoni. One can also incorporate pistachio seeds in salads or use them in making an assortment of confectionery. Examples include baklava, pistachio lokum, and mortadella. The cultivation of Pistacia vera from germination to the plant producing major yields takes between 7 and ten years. A significant yield from a healthy plant should linger around 50 Kg every two years given production is biennial-bearing. Peak production, however, can only be achieved after 20 years. Harvesting is made convenient through pruning the tree to make the drupes more accessible. Alternatively, one can use machines to shake the drupes off and save time. Pistacia vera is not only highly susceptible to infection, but also succumbs easily to it. One should, therefore, take preventive measures to protect the trees.
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