Cortaderia selloana pampas grass seeds (white)

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Cortaderia selloana seeds

Cortaderia selloana is better known as pampas grass. It is naturally mainly distributed in Argentina and Brasilia. The pampas grass reaches a height of about 0,5 to 1,5 m, sometimes even 3 m. The leaves are bluish green and get 2 m long and just a few centimeters wide. The leaves are overhanging what gives the plant a beautiful appearance. The leaf edges are very sharp. Due to that the Latin name of the genus of that plant is Cortaderia coming from "cortar" meaning "cutting". The inflorescence is white or silver in color. Due to that it is also known as silver pampas grass.

There is also a variation that has a slightly rose inflorescence. The whole inflorescence looks feathery and can get up to 80 cm long. Pampas grass flowers late in the year from August to November making the garden in fall very beautiful. C. selloana is diecious meaning the female and male plants are on different plants. One needs to plants for reproduction. The fruit is a caryopsis. Pampas grass is mainly used as an ornamental plant. It is in culture for about 170 years now. Pampas grass is popular in flower bouquets. Uncommonly it is used as a food plant for animals in some countries. Sometimes pampas grass gets confused with Chinese silvergrass.

The seeds need light to germinate. Due to that the seeds should be only pressed slightly into the substrate. At a temperature of about 23°C the first seedlings can be seen after 3 to 5 weeks. Pampas grass needs a sunny place. C. selloana is winter hardy but should be bond together during winter. The roots should be protected by putting foliage on the soil around the shoot. Young plants need additional protection. They should be fully covered with a transparency for example. C. selloana should be cut back in spring and not in fall.

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