Habanero red, chili pepper seeds

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Habanero red seeds


The Habanero red chili is one of the hottest chilis. It is a variation of Capsicum chinese and reaches 300.000 Scoville. Some variations even have 400.000 Scoville. Those values seem to be quite small compared to other chilis. But the Habanero red chili is with this value fifty times hotter than the jalapeno. The Habanero red chili is native to Yucatan. By mistake often Havanna is said to be the native country because the name Habanero suggests that.

The Habanero red chili reaches a height of about 1,2 m. The leaves are light green and the venation is clearly visible. The fruits of the Habanero red chili resemble a small bell pepper. In the past there was some confusion with the bell pepper. The Habanero was cooked like a bell pepper but soon people noticed that it cannot be a bell pepper. It burned like hell in their mouths. The fruits of the Habanero red chili are deeply red. They are first green and get yellow to red while ripening. There are other variations beside the red one, the red one can be mainly found in the Caribbean. The fruits get in average 3 cm long and 2 cm wide. The Habanero red chili is used in kitchen to make the salsa sauce more hot and spicy.

The Habanero is part of many tropical foods. One says the taste of the Habanero is fruity and reminds of the tropics beside its sharpness. The Habanero red chili has a thin flesh. Brave people eat them filled with different food. The Habanero is also used dried as spice. For germination the surrounding temperature should be around 22°C. After 3 weeks one can see the first seedlings. After touching the seeds or cooking with the Habanero it is necessary to clean the hands very well. The plant should always be placed out of children's reach.

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