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Moneymaker Tomato seeds


Moneymaker refers to an indeterminate tomato cultivar that falls under the species Lycopersicon esculentum aka Solanum lycopersicum. Originally from Bristol, England, this cultivar has gone one on to be widely grown in Europe. While the plant was initially bred for growth in a greenhouse, it can still thrive in a garden with fertile soils. The fruit is average in size and weigh between 113 and 117 grams. The fruit is also smooth-skinned, juicy and globe-shaped. Unripe Moneymaker tomatoes are green and colour in the beginning before transforming to a bright red colour when they mature.

Moneymaker tomatoes have a classic tomato flavour that is juicy and sweet. The richness of the flavour makes the tomatoes a valued addition to a plethora of dishes. The fruit can be consumed both raw and cooked. The tomatoes can also be sliced and added as filling for sandwiches along with other ingredients. One can also use the tomatoes in the preparation of soups, sauces, salsas, etc. The Moneymaker tomato plant is highly productive given appropriate weather and soil conditions. A mature plant is capable of delivering ripe fruit in clusters of six to ten. It takes between 75 to 80 days for the plant to reach maturation. 

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