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Red Pear Tomato seeds


Red Pear tomato is one among several pear-shaped tomatoes of the species Solanum lycopersicum. Synonyms include Lycopersicon cerasiforme and Lycopersicon humboldtii. The original home of this cultivar is Italy. The Red Pear Tomato was initially called ‘Pomi d’oro’ and initially grew in the Ligruzzio and Abruzzo parts of Italy. The plant is now extensively cultivated in parts of Europe that lie within the warm tropics along with Italy itself. The colour of the fruit is an intermediate colour between orange and red. The colour spreads uniformly around the fruit but doesn’t extend to the shoulders which remain green.

Red Pear Tomatoes are fleshy and have slight indentations on their surfaces. The flavour of the tomatoes is sweet and juicy to the taste and has a small level of acidity. The taste of Red Pear tomatoes is believed to be the perfect embodiment of what is considered the classic tomato flavour. And it is such a quality that makes the fruit an ideal pair for pepper, garlic, paprika and other condiments. The Red Pear plant is an indeterminate plant which means it is of the vining and climbing type. As a consequence, the ripening of the fruit takes longer than many tomatoes given it has to take place along the vines. The maturation period can take over 100 days. 

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