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Aristolochia indica is a plant species of the genus Aristolochia and the family Aristolochiaceae. Plant synonyms include Aristolochia lanceolata, Aristolochia maysorensis, and Aristolochia pandurata. The plant’s common names include duck flower and Indian birthwort. The plant has its origins in Sri Lanka and Southern India. Aristolochia indica is a perennial herb that has slim branchlets and ovate/ oblong-shaped leaves with a sharp-pointed axis. The leaves, which have a length of 3.5 to 8 cm, are also hairless. The plant sprouts flowers within racemes. Flowers are tube-shaped, 3 to 5 mm across and occur only once per year. The fruit is pear-shaped and has 6 ridges. The seeds are flat, winged and measure 4 to 6 mm across. Aristolochia indica is capable of propagation through roots. People who live in the areas where Aristolochia indica naturally grows have been using the plant to make herbal remedies for centuries. Conditions that are treatable using such remedies include snakebite, abdominal inflation, and haemorrhoids. The remedies allegedly have diuretic, tonic, anti-inflammatory, and cytotoxic properties which contribute to wellness. The plant’s leaves are edible, and one can cook them in the many ways one can cook a vegetable. Aristolochia indica contains Aristolochic acid which is carcinogenic, i.e., it can cause cancer. This attribute makes the plant especially dangerous to ingest given the acid’s toxic effects could be lethal. Aristolochic acid is also nephrotoxic and could lead to Balkan nephropathy. The possibility of one coming down with either of the above-stated conditions means one should avoid ingesting any part of the plant. The alternative is to seek advice from a doctor regarding the plant’s effects. Conducive conditions for the cultivation of Aristolochia indica involve growth under direct sunlight or partial shade. The soils should be not only fertile and moist but also have good drainage. Soils that have hummus are preferable to those without.
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