Peganum harmala, Syrian rue seeds

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Peganum harmala bulk Syrian Rue seeds


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Peganum harmala, also called Syrian rue, is a plant species of the genus Peganum and the family Nitrariaceae. The plant’s synonyms include Harmala multifida, Harmala peganum, and Harmala syriaca. Common names for the plant include esfand, harmel, African rue, and aspand. The plant has its origins in the Asian continent and currently grows in South Asia and the Middle East. The plant also grows in Africa and the Americas.

Peganum harmala can grow to a height of 30 to 80 cm. The roots, on the other hand, can grow downward to a depth of 6.1 metres. The plant’s white flowers have a diameter of 2.5 to 3.8 cm. Fruits occur as capsules that have a diameter of 1 to 1.5 cm and carry more than fifty seeds.

The seeds present in the capsules are a rich source of edible oil that is useful as a condiment. The oil is spicy, and one can use it in a variety of dishes as desired. Peganum harmala has historically been useful in various cultural and medicinal practices for many Asian communities. The plant allegedly has diuretic, ophthalmic, alterative, aphrodisiac, and abortifacient effects which make it effective at treating various conditions. Such conditions include sexual disorders, stomach problems, epilepsy, rheumatism, and urinary disorders.

The beta-carboline alkaloids present in the plant show promise as anti-tumour agents and are prompting further studies into their viability as treatments. A non-medical use of the plant involves the extraction of a red dye from the seed. The extracted dye is used in the colouring and design of carpets.

 Peganum harmala flourishes when cultivated in fertile, moisture-retentive soils under sunny conditions. The soils should also be well-drained and have a favourable pH. The plant is hardy as well given it can grow in drought-stricken environments and tolerate low temperature up to -20 ˚C.

Those seeds have been wild collected in Pakistan, near Haripur. They are free of any additives

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