seeds of Yellow Monkey Face Chili Peppers

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Yellow Monkey Face Chili Pepper seeds


Yellow Monkey Face is one among many pepper varieties that are part of the Capsicum annum species. This mild pepper is native to the South American country of Peru where it’s been used for many years. Peru also doubles as being one of the leading producers of Yellow Monkey face along with other countries like Mexico and Bolivia. What makes Yellow Monkey Face pods instantly recognisable is their unique shape which is said to resemble a monkey’s face. Unripe pods have a light green colour which changes to yellow once maturity sets in. The pods are also quite lengthy and can grow up to four and a half inches.

Yellow Monkey face is characterised by a fruity flavour that verges on being akin to mango. The unique aspect regarding the flavour is that it lingers long after the heat (1000-5000 Scoville heat units) dissipates making for a novel experience for first-timers. Yellow Monkey Face peppers are ideal for making sauces as well as being a suitable addition to dressings once they are diced. It takes more than 80 days before the plant can mature and for the fruits to develop and ripen. One would be well advised to create the best conditions for growth in the intervening period.


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