seeds of Yellow Habanero Chili Peppers

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Yellow Habanero Chili Pepper seeds


Yellow Habanero is a member of the Capsicum chinense species of pepper plants belonging the genus Capsicum and the family Solanaceae. The origins of this particular pepper fall more in line with that of other Habanero varieties that are believed to be from the Amazon region. A series of events later led the Yellow Habanero being dispersed to the United States and Mexico where it has been cultivated extensively since then. The pods of Yellow Habanero have a characteristic lantern shape and yellow colour that distinguishes them from other varieties. The length of each pod is roughly 1.5 inches in both length and width.

Unripe pods are usually green in colour at first before turning yellow when ripe. Yellow Habanero has the signature fruity taste found in all Habanero along with a unique apricot aroma. The tropical sweetness is accompanied by over 300,000 Scoville heat units that make this pepper ideal for making hot sauces and salsas. One can also employ the diced pepper in the making of dressings and marinades. Yellow Habanero flourishes in warm areas that have fertile, well-drained soils that are slightly acidic. Each plant can produce 50 to 60 pods every 6 months for an indefinite period. One will, however, have to wait 120 days before the first harvest.


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