Amelanchier canadensis Seeds, Canadian Serviceberry Juneberry

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Amelanchier canadensis Seeds, Canadian Serviceberry Juneberry


Amelanchier Canadensis is also known as Canadian service-berry, shadblow serviceberry, juneberry, shadbush and or junebusha deciduous small shrub tree belonging to the family of Rosaceae. Synonyms include A. confusa, A.oblongifolia, Mespilus Canadensis or A.canadensis var.subintegra. This type of plant species can be traced back to Eastern N. America- Nova Scotia to Ontario and south Florida, though it is believed to have been established in Britain especially in mountainous and forested areas.

Canadian serviceberry tree grows up to a height of 6m on a medium rate and times can reach a height of 12m. Rich loamy soil is preferred and in a sunny position though it can thrive well in any dehydrated soil. The species is hermaphroditic with bees as the major pollinators. Leaves are simple 1-5 cm long, 1.8-2.7 cm broad with an acute apex. Margins are serrated with a petiole of has five petals with an average of 8mm long and 3mm broad. It produced loose raceme flowers at spring time with 4-6cm long. Seeds of Canadensis produces deep dormancy species when correct procedure hence high germination period. Seeds are firstly soaked in water under room temperature for a period of up to 24 hours. Fruits form purple colour when ripe; usually, Amalanchier needs a long cold period to break its dormancy. Fruits get ripe between months of June and July.

Edible fruits of the plant can be consumed either raw or cooked. Fruits contain small seeds in it which is eaten out of hand in pies with the sweet flavour in it. Amalanchier root diffusion is used to cure miscarriage in women. The root bark is used to prepare tea for the treatment of diarrhoea and excessive menstrual bleeding. Mixtures of various ingredients of inner barks are used as a disinfectant.

The plant species act as dwarfing rootstock for Apples and pears plant. When planted in sunny weather it produces better fruits. More importantly, Amalanchier canadiansis is subjected to insect dispute and other many diseases hence cosmetic. Major drawback about this genus is being adorable to birds.


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