Amelanchier canadensis Seeds, Canadian Serviceberry Juneberry

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Amelanchier canadensis Seeds, Canadian Serviceberry Juneberry

Amelanchier Canadensis is a deciduous woody plant also known by other common names such as Canadian serviceberry, Shadblow, Juneberry, Serviceberry Downy and Serviceberry. Amelanchier Canadensis also has several synonyms that include Amelanchier oblongifolia, Amelanchier confusa, Amelanchier lucida, Mesopilus Canadensis.

The original habitats of this plant species are North America; specifically in Newfoundland to Ontario in Canada and the United States from Alabama to Maine south. Amelanchier Canadensis is a woody plant shading its leaves annually and can grow at a medium rate up to about 0.5 to 8 m tall; some are highly branched while others have few stems. The leaves alternate at opposite each other, simple, ovate to ovate-oblong of about 1-5cm long and 1-3cm wide. The leaves have a rounded tip covered with hairs at the lower surface and its margin is serrated with around 10mm petiole.

The plant usually flowers during the early spring and those at the base of central stem develop first. Each flower cluster has four to ten flowers and the flower has around 5 white petals 7-11mm long and 2-5 mm wide with 20 stamens. The fruits are fleshy and grow to 7-10mm in diameter. They are dark purple on maturity and produce seeds that ripen during summer from June to July. Amelanchier Canadensis has both edible and medicinal uses. For example, fruits can be eaten raw or cooked for nutritious consumption. The fruits contain few small seeds that have very sweet taste.

The fruits also have flavours that resemble apple and can be eaten raw or used as food preservative. The plant fruit has various distinct qualities; some can be bitter while others sweet, juicy and delicious. The fruits can also be cooked to impart almond flavor to the food. The root’s bark was traditionally used to make tea while some populations used it to treat excessive menstrual bleeding as well as diarrhea. The drink made from an infusion of the roots was also used to prevent miscarriage during injuries.

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