Panax ginseng Samen, Koreanischer Ginseng, nicht stratifiziert

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Panax ginseng seeds


Panax Ginseng plant is a native herb to China and Korea. The plant is known to be the king of herbs. The plant belongs to Araliaceae family and has a synonym as Korea ginseng. It has a perennial lifecycle. Korea ginseng grows well in moist soil with a bit of sunlight. The plant can moderately resist harsh weather conditions. It grows to the height of 60cm and spreads to a width of 40cm.

Korea ginseng plant has thick roots whose taste is sweet-bitter with a bit warming effect. The root is usually light tan. The leaves of the plant are green when the plant is in its younger age and turns to yellow-green when the temperature is not suitable with smooth and soft surface. The plant produces flowers which are green-white. The fruits of the plant are green in colour before they can get ripe and red upon maturing and ripening. Once the fruits mature and get fully ripe, the tree sheds its leaves to grow new ones in the next lifecycle. It is mostly harvested in September to October.

Panax Ginseng plant has both the female and the male organs. For this reason, it has self-fertilisation enabled by the insects or through cross-pollination. The flowers produced by the plant have nectar that attracts insects like bees. The seeds of the plant are majorly dispersed by the birds who feed on the fruits.

Panax Ginseng plant is widely known for its medical uses. The herb of the plant is known to increase concentration, improve thinking and memory. Though, the plant is said to have the best quality for medical remedies when it grows past seven years. The consumption of this herb also helps to improve health and cope with stress. Panax Ginseng fruits are eaten by birds that in most cases do not let it ripen fully. The leaves of the plant are a good browse to both domestic and wild animals. Problems like anxiety, depression, lung diseases and general fatigue among others are also said to be treated by the Panax Ginseng herbs. The herbs are often dried and ground before being used or can be boiled after which the fluid is consumed. The prolonged use of the herbs is, however reported to affect the function of the hormones which could be harmful to health. Pregnant women should not use the herb as well. 

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