Foxglove Hybrid seeds of Paulownia 9501

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Paulownia Hybrid 9501 seeds

We are sorry to say that we had to stop selling these seeds because it seems that our supplier now decided to scam us und send some common Paulownia seeds. The only Hybrids we are able to offer from a reliable source are our P. Shantong root cuttings

Paulownia 9501 belongs to the family of the Paulowniacae, the foxglove trees. P. 9501 is native to East Asia and is a hybrid species resulting from crossing Paulownia fortunei and Paulownia tomentosa.

The hybrid has the best properties of its parental species. Paulownia Hybrid 9501 occurs up to 2000 m above sea level. The genus Paulownia is better known as empress tree. Paulownia Hybrid 9501 is a fast growing tree. After just 3 years under good environmental conditions the tree reaches a height of about 3 m. So the tree can be cut down very fast to produce wood. The wood of Paulownia Hybrid 9501 has a high quality.

Paulownia 9501 is also used as an ornamental plant. The flowers are big and violet to blue just like the flowers of the parental species “Fast Blue” Paulownia fortunei. They have a very pleasant odor. The first flowers appear after 2 years at the tree. One has not to wait so long for the flowers like in other Paulownia species. The early blooming goes back to the parental species Paulownia fortunei. Without the leaves the flowers are especially beautiful standing all alone at the branches. The flowers are clustered in inflorescences. The fruit is a capsule containing two chambers where the seeds are in. The seeds have wings. The leaves of the deciduous tree can get 40 cm long. Therefore the tree is a popular shading tree. The leaves are pubescent and heart shaped. The leaf buds open after the flowers just like it is known from Paulownia fortunei. The trumpet- like flowers emerge from brownish, pubescent buds. The buds are already present in autumn. In regions where one would expect a harsh winter one should cover the plant to avoid the loss of the buds. Otherwise no flowers will appear in spring.


Germination of Paulownia seed

Paulownia 9501 does not need any pretreatment. A stratification of 1-2 weeks at a temperature of about 4°C can raise germination success. But it is not necessary to stratify the seeds. The seeds can be put directly on the substrate. They should be only pressed slightly into the substrate, they need light to germinate. At a temperature of about 23°C and constantly moist substrate, germination occurs after 2-4 weeks. Just as Paulownia tomentosa is Paulownia Hybrid 9501 relatively demand less and has no special requirements concerning soil or its general surrounding. Furthermore Paulownia Hybrid 9501 is resistant to drought and cold periods.

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