Melia dubia (composita) seeds

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Melia dubia
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Melia dubia seeds


Melia dubia, with a synonym of Melia composita, is a deciduous tree from the family of Miliaceae. The plant is widely distributed in most areas. It has a fast growth rate and grows to a height of about 20 meters tall. Melia composita is a native habitat of eastern Himalayas. The plant also has a popular English name of Malabar Neemwood.

Melia dubia plant has a smooth and greenish bark at its younger age which turns to be dark brown upon maturity. Melia composita has lees branches with most appearing from 9m. The plant has bi-pinnate compound leaves that go up to a length of 1m. The leaves are also asymmetric with its midrib slightly raised above. These leaves fall off in December and the plant grows new leaves in late February to March. At this time, the plant blooms to produce flowers as well. The flowers of this plant are shorter compared to the leaves and are located on the upper axil. The flowers have a greenish white colour and are shaped like the stars. They are often many. The flowers are noticeable from January to April, after which the plant sheds its leaves and gives time for the fruit to get ripe. The petals of this plant are often hairy. Malabar Neemwood slightly bears harsh conditions, but it is affected by very cold conditions and aphids viruses.

Melia dubia plant fertilises itself. This is because the plant has both the female and male organs and gets pollinated by the insects. The plant has attractive nectar to the insects that in turn enable pollination. The seed from the fruit bored by this plant is one of the major ways on how the plant is disseminated to various places.

The park and leaves of Melia composita are used for medical purposes. The juice from its fruit can be boiled and applied in areas infested by maggots and scabies. This plant produces slightly durable hardwood. The wood is used in making cabinets since it is resistance to the termites. The wood is as well used in building purposes, making of pencils, cigar boxes, math boxes, ceiling planks and packing cases. The paper industries also use the wood from this plant in the making of paper. Because of its calorific value, it is as well used in energy industries. The wood is also light and because of this, it is used to make catamarans.

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