Momordica cochinchinensis, bitter spiny cucumber, 3 seeds

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Momordica cochinchinensis, bitter spiny cucumber seeds



Gacbotanically known as Momordica cochinchinensis belongs to genus Momordica and family of Cucurbitaceae. English writers call it bitter spiny cucumber. It portrays same characteristics as momoedica macrophylla Gage,muricia cochinchinensis lour, Momordica meloniflora Hand and Momordica mixta Roxb. It is native to Southeast Asian countries China, India and Malaysia. It was originally discovered in Vietnam as gac. However, it has extensively distributed to the northern part of Australia. Vietnamis call the plant “gac.” The species name cochinchinensis is derived from the northern part of Vietnam called cochinchina.


Momordica cochinchinensis is a spiny pungent tasting cucumber with perennial characteristics. It grows as male and female individual organisms. Flowers are produced 5cm to 10cm long. Vines habitually extend up to 20 meters long. Flowers are produced annually and appear singly. It takes around three months after plantation of vines to produce flowers. Once the plant blossoms it takes around five months to produce fruits. This usually happens months of September to December. Spiny bitter produces fruits of 13cm long with small vines attached internally. As the fruit develops its colour changes gradually, that is from green to yellow then red at maturity.


The plants are pollinated by insects. Farmers are highly advised to have one or two male dioecious plants around the garden to assist in pollination. The best reliable method of plant propagation is through root tubers. Germination by seed can be hindered by different environmental and plant characteristics such as the age of the plant. The plant is most suited to tropical climate with an elevation up to 1000 metres. It requires a daytime temperature range of 20-300c and means annual rainfall range of 1200 to 2500 mm. Moreover, being a perennial climber plant; it thrives well in soil consisting of plants and residues.

Momordica cochinchinensis contains red oily pulp around the seed, which is cooked for consumption. The roots are cooked for soup that can be used to treat swollen bones, especially those of rheumatism. A chemical compound extracted from the leaves are used to treat pain after birth, stomach cramps in women and other swellings in the body. The roots also produce a lather which is mixed with water to produce soap suitable for washing clothes.

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