Moringa Oleifera seeds, Miracle Drumstick seeds

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viable seeds of the Moringa oleifera, Drumstick tree

our Moringa seeds are certified (USDA) and grown organically. They are fresh and viable and can be used for plantation as well as a supplement. Moringa seeds are available in small quantities starting at 50 seeds/package up to 100 Kg and more as bulk wholesale amounts of Moringa oleifera seeds ( → contact )

Moringa oleifera belongs to the family of the Moringaceae. The plant is also known as horseradish tree, drumstick tree, moringa or ben oil tree. Some people even call it “The tree of life” or miracle tree. M. oleifera is native to the Himalaya region in India. Today it is cultivated all over the world because it has many different skills. But India is still the major producer of Moringa. M. oleifera is an evergreen, perennial tree. It grows very fast about 30 cm per month. One can really watch it grow. After just one year it has already reached a height of about 4 m. All in all it can reach a height of 12 m and the trunk gets 45 cm in diameter. In culture the miracle tree is often treated like an annual plant. It is quite astonishing that all parts of the plant can be used. The leaves of M. oleifera are tripinnate. The small leaves are 1 to 2 cm long and the whole pinnate leave gets 20 to 25 cm long.


Moringa oleifera - An anti-oxydative kind of food with highest nutritional value:

The leaves contain the most nutrients. They can be cooked like spinach or boiled in a soup. To make them durable one can put them in a sour medium like cucumbers. They still taste very good after that treatment. The dried variation of the leaves is also still rich in nutrients. One can mix the dried leaves with flour to get bread that has more nutrients than normal. The leaves of the miracle tree contain 18 of the 20 amino acids. Some of those are essential what means that our body is not able to produce them. We have to get them from the food. Eating the leaves of Moringa oleifera our daily needs of amino acids are satisfied. Moreover the leaves include many vitamins like vitamin B, C and provitamin A. For example Moringa oleifera Moringa oleifera leaves includes twice more provitamin A as a carrot. Malnourishment can be avoided if one eats enough Moringa. Used as a dietary supplement the miracle tree has really an effect in contrast to many other dietary supplements that are mentioned in the advertisement. The leaves contain also many antioxidant substances. Antioxidant substances are able to eliminated free oxygen radicals that are produced in the human body. To have some free oxygen radicals in the body is totally normal, but stress and other poisons from the environment can increase those free oxygen radicals. The antioxidant substances in the leaves of Moringa oleifera are able to bind those free oxygen radicals. Doing so, they decrease the risk of getting cancer because less DNA is destroyed. The antioxidant potential of a substance is rated with the so called ORAC Value. The miracle tree reaches a value of 75000. This is a value that no plant except Moringa oleifera ever reached. The leaves are also used as food for animals by many farmers.


Fruits and seeds of Moringa oleifera:

The fruits of the miracle are longish capsules. They can get 45 cm long and are about as long as the arm bed. The fruit looks like and drumstick, because of that the natives call Moringa oleifera also drumstick tree. One tree can have many fruits. That makes it very attractive for cultivation. The fruits can be eaten like normal vegetables. If they are cooked they taste a bit like asparagus. But they can be also eaten raw, cooking is not essential. In the white pulp of the fruits there are the seeds of Moringa oleifera. They are also called ben nuts. The seeds are small, brownish to blackish, round or triangular and have three wings. They reach 1 cm in diameter. The seeds of Moringa oleifera are Moringa oleifera poddistributed with the wind or with the water, because they are able to swim, too. They can be cooked and eaten or it is also possible to roast them like nuts. But the seeds of Moringa can do much more than just being food.


Cleaning water with Moringa seeds:

The seeds of Moringa are able to clean dirty water and make it drinkable again. For that the seeds have to be prepared. First of all one has to remove the wings. Then the seeds have to be crushed until there is only a powder left. This powder can be mixed into the dirty water. After 40 minutes the water is much clearer that before and drinkable again. Just 0,2g of the crushed Moringa seeds are needed to clean one liter of water. The principal behind this miracle is quite simple. Decontamination occurs because the Moringa seeds contain a protein that binds to the particles and bacteria in the water. Those aggregations can be removed from the water, because they are heavy and sink to the ground. The Moringa seeds also kill some bacteria. Studies showed that there is no growth in petri dishes when one adds a Moringa extract to the bacteria. In contrast there is a high growth when Moringa extract is missing. The cleaning of water with Moringa seeds functions better than some chemical alternatives and is much cheaper. In Africa or other poor countries where clean water is rarely found the miracle tree could really be a miracle for the people living there. They could get very easy clean water that does not cause them any illnesses. Many universities worldwide are working on projects to establish constructions in the poor countries that function. The seeds of Moringa oleifera can also be used to gain oil. 45% of the weight of the seeds is oil. The oil is nearly odorless and gets rarely rancid like other oils do. In the cosmetic it was used to eliminate bad odors. Already the old Greeks used the oil. It was also part of perfumes and is used for perfumes until today. After gaining the oil out of the seeds, the “rubbish” can be used to clean the water. So nothing has to be thrown away.


Moringa oleifera flowers - sweet & fragrant

The flowers of Moringa oleifera are whitish. They have five flower leaves and reach 2 to 3 cm in diameter. They are clustered in inflorescences that are placed in the leaf axilla. The odor of the flowers is very pleasant. Some say it smells like honey or viola.Moringa flowers The miracle tree starts to flower 6 to 8 month after germination. The tree flowers the whole year when the conditions are good. This makes Moringa oleifera very interesting for beekeepers, because with the miracle tree they have the whole year food for their bees. But not just the bees can eat the flowers; the humans can do so, too. The flowers can be used for making tea. This shall help against cough or a cold. Alternatively they can be put into a soup. They taste a little like fungi.


Moringa oleifera for timber production & medecine:

Moringa oleifera is also used to produce wood. As mentioned before, M. oleifera grows very fast and though produces much wood. The wood is used by the natives as fire wood. The bark can be used to produce papers or ropes. The roots of the miracle tree are used mainly in medicine. They contain glycosides that give it a sharp taste. Due to that fact M. oleifera has been given the name horseradish tree. The rasped roots are used as spice. The root of the miracle tree is said to have an antibacterial effect. Due to that is it used against various inflammations and as an antibiotic. The crushed root shall help against rheumatism and arthralgia. The root is the only part of the tree that must be threatened with care. It includes also some alkaloids which are potential nerve paralyzing. All in all there is nearly nothing that the Moringa tree is not able to do and so it deserves it to be called miracle tree!


Cultivation of Moringa oleifera from seeds:

The seeds of Moringa oleifera should be put into warm water 24 h before planting. After that they can be planted 1 cm deep into the substrate. The substrate should be a mix of soil and sand. This substrate should be constantly moist at a temperature of about 23 to 25°C. The germination occurs really fast after about 10 to 14 days, sometimes even faster. The Moringa tree does not need much water when it is adult. It is very resistant against drought. Due to this fact it is easy to cultivate it in Africa, where rain is sometimes rare. Moringa oleifera likes sunny or semi shaded places. It is not winter hardy and should be put into the house over the cold season.

Our seeds are fresh and grown organically and can be used for plantation as well as a supplement !

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