seeds of Pachypodium lamerei, Madagascar Palm

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Pachypodium lamerei, also called the Madagascar palm, is a plant species that belongs to the family Apocynaceae. Synonyms include Pachypodium champenoisianum, Pachypodium ramosum, and Pachypodium rutenbergianum var. lamerei. Pachypodium lamerei is the most well-known member of its genus owing to the ease with which one can cultivate it. This succulent flowering plant has its origins in Madagascar. Most of the plant’s leaves are located at the crown hence giving a resemblance to a palm. It is for this reason that the plant is called the Madagascar palm. Pachypodium lamerei has sharp 6 cm long spines growing throughout the surface of a tall grey trunk. One has the option to either grow the plant indoors or outdoors with each choice has a consequence on height. Indoor plants grow to a height of 1.8 m while outdoor ones can grow up to 6m. Leaves are long and narrow while large flowers are white, fragrant and mingled with the leaves at the plant’s crown. The plant rarely has any branches. Pachypodium lamerei is primarily an ornamental plant, and one can expect it to find some use in interior décor. The white flowers and green foliage can blend in beautifully with a room’s chosen colour scheme. Alternatively, the plant can be grown outside to enhance the beauty of gardens and backyards. Pachypodium lamerei grows best under maximum sunlight. In the event one is growing the plant indoors, it is advisable to place the plant at a spot that receives plenty of sunlight. Pachypodium lamerei is highly susceptible to the harmful effects of frost. Plants exposed to frost immediately shed all their leaves. The soils on which the plant grows should be porous and placed in pots with perforations made on them. Excess water rots the roots of the plant and should not be left to accumulate.
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