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Annona glabra Saatgut

Annona glabra belongs to the family of the Annonaceae. The plant is native to South America and Central America and as well in West Africa.  A. glabra is kind of the black sheep under the Annonaceae, people know other Annona species like the Cherimonya much better. A. glabra is also known as pond- apple and swamp- apple. It has the name swamp- apple due to the fact that it only grows in swamps and other moist areas.
The swamp apple grows as a tree and reaches a height of about 10 to 12 m. It has a quite big treetop.
The leaves are simple and ovate oblong. They get about 12 cm long and 5 cm wide. The venation is clearly visible especially the midrib. The upper side of the leave is dark green and glossy, the bottom side of the leaves is light green.
The flower reaches 2 to 3 cm in diameter and is whitish or yellowish in color. The center of the actinomorphic flower is purple or reddish.
The fruit looks much like an apple. It reaches 9 cm in diameter. It is green when it is unripe and gets yellow or brown when it is ripe. The pulp is as well yellow or orange. The fruit of the swamp- apple can be eaten. Mostly it is eaten raw but one can as well produce jam or wine out of the fruit. It tastes a little bit like honeydew melon. However other Annona species are preferred and so A. glabra is not cultivated in big numbers.
The fruit includes up to 100 seeds that get 1 cm long. The seeds get distributed with the water, they float to new places. In a study one suggested that an extract made out of the seeds could help in fighting cancer. But more research has to be done to prove that.

The seeds of A. glabra need some pretreatment. First one should pour hot water over the seeds. After that they should be put in warm water for 24 to 48 h. After that they can be planted 1 cm deep into the substrate. At a temperature of about 27°C and constantly moist substrate germination occurs after 2 to 6 weeks.
A. glabra tolerates saltwater for some time because it grows mostly next to the sea. A longer time in saltwater is not tolerated. A. glabra does not grow on dry soils.
The adult A. glabra should stand at a semi shade place.

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