Odontocarya tripetala, Orange forest berry, fresh seeds

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Odontocarya tripetala seeds


Odontocary tripetala belongs to the family of the Menispermaceae. O. tripetala is native to Equador where it rarely occurs. It is also known as orange forest berry.
It belongs to the tendrillar plants and can reach a height of 5 to 10m. The leaves are heart shaped and glossy. The fruits are orange and reach 1, 2 cm in diameter. One can eat them, in its home country it is eaten just out of hand.
The flowers are small and whitish- greenish. They are diecious what means that a male and a female plant are necessary for reproduction.


let seeds soak with water for at least one day, then plant about 0,5-1cm deep, keep moist and at a bright and warm place until germination starts usually within 4-5 weeks

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