seeds of Aunt Ruby German Green Heirloom Tomato seeds

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Aunt Rubys German Green Samen
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Aunt Ruby's German Green Tomato seeds


Aunt Ruby’s German Green is a cultivar of the tomato species Solanum lycopsersicum. Synonyms include Lycopersicon cerasiforme and Lycopersicon humboldtii. This cultivar, though initially from Germany, was brought over to the United States by German immigrants. Most of the cultivation was done in Greeneville, Tennessee by Aunt Ruby Arnold before it achieved popularity amongst farmers. Most of the cultivation of the tomato variety is now done in the United States. Aunt Ruby’s German Green tomatoes are of the beefsteak variety with fruit weighing up to 450 grams. While the skin of the tomato turns yellowish green when it ripens, the flesh remains lime green.

The best time to pick the tomato is when the colour change takes place and the surface becomes tender. The shapes of the fruit are mostly irregular. The tomato’s flavour is sweet, creamy and slightly spicy. The wetness present within the tomato is similar to that of melons which enriches the sweetness. Aunt Ruby’s German Green can be used to make salads and is a great ingredient when frying. It takes between 80 and 95 days from when transplanting happens to when the plant matures and bears ripe fruit. The plant can be highly productive provided there is plenty of sunshine, minimal frost and fertile soils. 


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