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Ephedra equisetina seeds


Ephedra equisetina has a synonym as Ephedra shennunguiana. It is a native plant to central Asia. The plant belongs to Ephedraceae family. It grows to the heights of 100cm and does well in sandy soil or places dry soils or later lean.

Ephedra equisetina has a woody stem with hallow underneath. The stems joints like appearance where the sub-branches appear. From these sub-branches is where the flowers bloom. The plant grows yellow unisexual flowers. The fruits from the plant are cone-like. The flowering period of the plant is in June to August. Its horsetail like leaves is evergreen and grows to approximate heights of 50cm. The male cones are always in pair the third to the node. The female cones have overlapping bracts which are in pair of two to three. The bracts are fleshy and red when the seed matures. The female flowers have a cluster of overgrown leathery scales.

Ephedra shennunguiana plant is dioecious. This means that every plant has only one organ, the male and the female plant. For this reason, the female plant needs the pollen cones of the male plant to be able to reproduce. The male cones fall off after shedding their pollen. The female plant reproduces to have cones that have dark brown seeds in each cone.

Ephedra equisetina is mostly used in herb form for medical purposes. The herb is harvested in October and dries. They can then be ground and mixed with other herbs for effectiveness. The remedy from this plant is said to treat ailments like obesity, hay fever, stuffy nose, respiratory diseases and asthma, among others. The plant can also aid in allergies and loss of weight. The ground herb is also used for tea, can be with milk or not. The cones of the plant are edible to some birds too. The consumption of excess of the herbs is however, very poisonous and can result in serious side effects. For this reason, the use of this plant has been banned in the US for security purposes. Taking of the herbs should be under the strict direction of the professional since the plant is poisonous.

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