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Lemon Drop Chili Pepper seeds


Lemon Drop, also known as aji lemon, is one of the varieties of peppers that belong to the Capsicum baccatum species. This very rare pepper is a popular condiment in Peru which doubles as its place of origin. Moreover, Peru is also one of the pepper’s major producers in the world along with other countries in Central and South America. Lemon Drop pods start off green when unripe before graduating to a bright yellow. The pods also taper and measure between 2 and 3 inches. The flavour of this mild pepper (15,000-30,000 Scoville heat units) can be described as being a fruity mix of citrus and tang.

The citrus flavour is reminiscent of lemon and is ideal for the making of fruit-based salsas. One can also use Lemon Drop in the preparation of various meats especially chicken and fish. Powder made from the pepper can be reserved for the fruits and suits which it goes well with. The Lemon Drop plant can also be used for more aesthetic purposes given its beautiful white flowers which bloom all year round and its golden yellow pods. Such plants can make for beautiful scenery in one’s backyard or garden while delivering up to 100 fruits per year. Maturity takes no less than 80 days after the pepper has been planted. 


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