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Red Peter Pepper Chili seeds


Red Peter Pepper (Capsicum annum var. annum), also called the ‘Chilly Willy’, is one of the most conspicuous variants of the Capsicum annum species. The reason being it has a most peculiar shape that resembles a human phallus. While there are scant details regarding its origins, the Red Peter Pepper is widely grown in Mexico, USA as well as in Far Eastern countries like South Korea. The pods are long (4 to 6 inches) and have a distinct conical shape that bulges out on one of its ends. Unripe pods have a green colour that starts transitioning to shock red when the ripening process begins. Red Peter Pepper has a distinct crisp taste that is reminiscent to that of Jalapenos. Nevertheless, the crispness is accompanied by a touch of sweetness.

There isn’t much heat to contend with given the highest figure the pepper can register is 30,000 Scoville heat units. Red Peter Pepper is a helpful ingredient in the making of salsas and hot sauces. One can also dry and grind the pepper to make a powder which can be used to spice an assortment of snacks and meats. It takes between 100 and 120 days for the plant to mature and be ready for harvest. Growing Red Peter Pepper in a conducive environment will yield pods that are considerably large which is always a welcome development. 


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